Stop Running

You run away from the call, the talk, the person, the moment.  You see the trouble that lies ahead and you can’t bare to deal with it.  You hide, you sliver, you ignore.  You run.

What you are running from is nothing compared to what you are running towards.  Fear, anxiety, unnecessary drama.  All can be avoided if you just have the talk.  The talk you are dreading.  The interaction between one human and another.

The answer to all of your problems.

35 Days Until 39

About 4 years ago I had the idea of making a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 40.  Making a million dollars was probably on that list.  Going to California was definitely on that list!  Getting my shit together was most likely number 1. … [Continue reading]

A Note for my daughter, Tatum

Dear Tatum, If ever I were to pass and did not get the chance to share our stories, there are some things I would like you to know. You are 6 and I am 38 as I write this and I'm hoping we both live for many many more decades. But you never … [Continue reading]

5 Things I Learned from Reading The Godfather

I finished The Godfather last night.  As much as I want to think I am a hardcore reader I'm really not.  It's not always easy to set aside time to read with 2 young active kids, a wife and a full time job.  But maybe because it was the Holidays and I … [Continue reading]

If you want to be Wealthy, study Wealth

Jim Rohn said that.  Actually his teacher, Mr. Shoaff, said that.  Mr. Shoaff was Jim Rohn's teacher when Rohn was 25 years old.  Rohn has told the story many times about how he left college after a year and went to work.  At the age of 25 he had … [Continue reading]