10 Reasons to Live a Life of Sobriety

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Well this is going to be a worthless article.  I’m sure it won’t change me.  Certainly won’t change you.  Everyone knows that you should limit your drinking.  And everyone knows the reasons why.

So why do we all continue to drink?

Probably because it’s so freaking fun!!  Probably because we’re all so stressed out!  And most definitely because it’s a habit.

My wife and I like to have cooks and chefs (especially sushi chefs!) prepare our meals for us.  She’s a great cook but neither her nor I mind the occasional professionally prepared dinner.  So I spend at least a night or two at the end of a bar waiting for our take out.

The biggest issue with this, aside from the expense, is that I usually end up having a beer while the food is being cooked.  This is a habit.  And not a very good one.  What I need to do is start the habit of stopping by Starbucks for a cup of Green Tea and ordering ahead for the food.  Pick it up and get out before  have the chance to order a drink.

Drinking is absolutely a habit.  In some cases it can be handled and maintained.  In some cases it cannot be.  My grandmother had a drinking habit.  Her life ended years before it should have.

If you think you may have a drinking problem, you probably do.  Do something about it while you still have at least a little bit of control.


10 Reasons to Stop Drinking.



10 reasons not to drink


1. Lose 20 pounds!

I’m most likely wrong with that number.  My guess is you would lose a great deal more than that!  You can lose 20 pounds just by changing your diet.  If you also stop drinking or even just stop drinking you are going to lose weight.  No question about it.  If losing weight is more important than that cocktail than stop drinking.

2. Get more quality sleep.

Sure, alcohol will help you fall asleep faster.  But the effects on your sleep cycle are more harmful than beneficial.  It messes with your REM especially in the second half of the night according to WebMd.  This explains why I am exhausted after a night of drinking even if I get 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

3. You will have more productive mornings.

Try waking up at 5 in the morning if you have had too much to drink the night before.  Even waking up at 6 or 7 is a challenge.  The awful affects of even a slight hangover don’t go away when you start working.  Instead you are taking asprin with your coffee, trying to kill the pain and get energized as fast as you can.  Drinking kills your productivity.

4. You will look better physically.

This is very similar to #1 but losing 20 pounds is a good thing to do for your overall health.  Assuming you need to lose 20 pounds that is.  Looking better physically is more of a narcissistic thing for you to do.  And that is ok.  A little narcissism is a good thing from time to time.  Who doesn’t want to look at least a little bit better physically?

5. Save $250 per month.

Say you buy 2 bottles of wine a week, about $30.  Say you take your family out once a week and have (or pay for) 3 drinks, about $20.  That’s $200 right there.  My family and I go out at least once a week, often times more.  And usually there is once a week where I will go pick up food.  Also, my wife likes martinis and I like craft beers.  This only adds to the total cost spent on alcohol.  Maybe you spend much less or maybe much more.  Either way, cutting down on alcohol or completely cutting it out will save you a ton of money.

6. Increased income.

Obviously if you are saving $200-$300 a month on alcohol, you are also increasing the amount of money in your checking account. But also look at your productivity, your quality of sleep and your appearance.  All of these can play a factor in your earning potential.  So drinking is both directly and indirecltly related to how much money you earn.

7. Read 2 more books per month.

This just in…successful people read.  A lot.  They read inspiring books and self help books and business books.  They read books about history and even fictional books.  They listen to audio books too.  Successful people consume information from other successful people.  Most of them do not watch Law and Order marathons.

Cutting down on drinking would allow you to wake up an hour earlier every day and spend 20 minutes reading 10-15 pages of a book.  That equates to almost two 250 page books every month.  And that’s just 20 minutes in the morning!!

8. Spend more money on personal development.

This is another habit of the most successful people in the world, they spend money on their own personal development.  Imagine if you had an extra $100 a month just to spend on personal development?  Imagine if you were more awake in the morning, weren’t hung over, and were inspired from the success of the previous day!  The books you could read, the seminars you could attend.  Some people think personal development is a joke.  Remind them of that when pull up beside them in your dream car.

9. Exercise 3 or more hours per week.

Again, there is no doubt the weight will fall of your body if you were to stop drinking.  Add to that an exercise regime and look out!  Not only will you be thin but you will also be toned and muscular.  Even if you were to wake up earlier, refreshed from not drinking, and spend 30 minutes liftig weights or walking or taking a class.  You could easily gain 3 plus hours extra per week and use it to transform your body into something you never thought possible.

10. Write 500 more words per day.

Some people don’t like to write.  I can’t imagine why.  I feel so much better as I come to the end of this post.  I was able to express myself and I was able to add something of value to the world. Here’s the thing, no one is going to read this post.  At least not a lot of people will.  Not today.  Maybe someday someone will stumble upon it.  But that’s ok.  Just the act of sitting down and writing is beneficial to me.  And that will absolutely help me succeed.

This post is over 1200 words, more than you need to start the writing habit.  You can crank out 500 words about any topic pretty quickly.  And the more often you write, the easier and more intersting it will be.  You don’t need a website like this one, although it helps.  You can use the old pen and paper or a free site like Google docs.  It doesn’t matter. Just write!!


Should you stop drinking?

Drinking isn’t all that bad.  If done in moderation.  Even achieving your weight loss goal is possible if you were to have a drink or two at night time.  But watch what you drink.  Author and badass, Tim Ferris , recommends sticking with red wine if you still want to drink while losing weight.  Two glasses of red wine are OK but no more than that.

As I said earlier, if you think you might have a problem than you probably do.  Try to cut back or eliminate it all together for a short time.  If you find that you can’t than you definitely have a problem.  Drinking is one habit that you want to make sure you have complete control over. Otherwise, at some point in your life, you will have a very difficult road back to sobriety.



My name is Keith Laskey. I actually believe children are our future. I write articles about how we can empower our youth so that the world will be a better place for all of us.

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