35 Days Until 39

About 4 years ago I had the idea of making a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 40.  Making a million dollars was probably on that list.  Going to California was definitely on that list!  Getting my shit together was most likely number 1.  Here I sit 35 days away from my 39th birthday and #Before40 is a distant memory.  All but forgotten by the man who was determined to right the ship.

Everything is still good if not great in some areas.  I’m still happily married.  We have two healthy kids.  Two cars both within a year old, one within a week old.  A house that was only finished being built just over a year from the writing of this post.  We both have fine well paying jobs and we live in America were the possibilities of finding success are limitless.  We even have the world’s greatest dog.

But it’s not enough.  We are surviving, not thriving in most areas of our life.  We have debt.  Our credit scores aren’t tremendous.  We are not living the life of our dreams.  Not much (OK nothing) in savings.  And stress seems to get the better of me on an almost everyday basis.    Especially with my daugher, who I love very very much.  I’m short with her.  I get loud with her more than I hold her and love her.  Things need to change and they the change needs to start today.

Last night I started writing down goals.  When I stopped I looked down and counted 10.  Seems appropriate to me.  So here are my 10 goals for the next 35 days.

35 Day Goals

  • Financial – Earn $1,000 in side income.
    • This is anything on top of my salary as an insurance agent and could include commission from sales, ebay sales, Amazon sales, bartender shifts.  Anything.
  • Health – Look good in that red shirt.
    • I bought a red shirt that was a little tight before going to Disney last June.  I haven’t really worn it since as I didn’t really recover from that trip.  I will weigh myself just so I can track that but I’m not trying to lose any set amount of weight.  I’m not going to measure my biceps.  I’ll simply take a picture of before and then one after.
  • RBA (Work) – 1 blog post every day.
    • I’m not going to pound the pavement.  I’m not going to cold call 10 people every day.  I’m going to get in the habit of writing insurance blog posts, consistently, for the next 35 days.  I’m hoping this will increase in-bound phone calls and emails as well as get me more in tune with my career as an insurance agent.
  • Tatum – Grateful/Proud of 30 times
    • This is something Tatum and I do very often before bed.  But we have gotten away from it recently.  I am hoping that this small habit will rebuild a relationship that I have started to damage.  Tatum and I are fine but we could be a lot better.
  • Reece – 5 hours of one on one time.
    • Reece is in that middle school zone.  He is often out with his friends.  Which is fine. But him and I need to start having more one on one time.  Playing video games, shooting hoops, riding bikes, doing whatever we can do to spend time together.
  • Clarissa – Grateful list
    • I started a I’m grateful for you list for Clarissa at the beginning of the year.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it very far into January before I stopped.  A list like this will help me look for things about Clarissa that I am grateful for and will undoubtedly bring us closer.
  • Reading – Read 525 pages
    • This is 15 pages per day for 35 days.  It may not be easy and there will days were zero pages are read and days were 50 pages are read.
  • Writing Goal – Write 17,500 words.
    • This is 500 words per day for 35 days.  This is not related to the RBA insurance blog post.  It is in addition to it.  These words are not related to work but rather life.  Perhaps a daily update on this 35 day goal list.
  • Podcast – Create and ship 5 podcast episodes
    • I pay for a podcast, $7 a month.  It’s time to actually use it and create something.
  • Friend Goal – Contact 1 friend every day for 35 days.
    • This is a way for me to reach out to someone I don’t see or talk to very often.  I’m excited to see where this one goes.


Here we go!


Keith Laskey


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