5K #1 of 12-Seven Summits Therapy 5K, Wayne PA


Race 1 State 1


The first race has been scheduled.  I wrote about my quest to complete 12 5Ks in 12 states in this post.  After a little bit of searching I have found the first 5K to be completed.


The Seven Summits Therapy 5K on January 17th, 2015 in Wayne, PA!





Why This Race?

When I was looking for my first 5K I decided that I wanted to stay in PA.  I’m hoping to build a little bit of momentum before diving into Delaware, Jersey and the other Mid-Atlantic States.  In addition to that, it wasn’t easy to find a 5K in the Northeast in January with a cause I had a great deal of interest in.

The Seven Summits Therapy 5K is a race that benefits an organization called T & E Cares as well as the Seven Summits Fund.


T & E Cares

T & E Cares is an organization that was founded in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina pummelled New Orleans.  Several members of the Tredyfferin and Easttown (T & E)  townships wanted to help.  They joined together and formed T & E Cares and directed their help towards three families that relocated to the area from New Orleans.  Two of the three families have made Greater Philadelphia their permanent home while the third moved back South.

T & E was there from the beginning as one  family offered a car, there was help with finding jobs and getting kids enrolled in school and sports as well as a discounted rate on rooms from The Residence Inn in Berwyn!  There was even help from doctors who offered services!  Currently, T & E is an official Non-Profit organization who offers help to families in the area that are in need of clothes, help with the costs of college or medical bills, finding a job and many other reasons.

This is an organization that I am happy to support.



The Seven Summits Fund

The Seven Summits Fund is a fund put together by Brady O’Mara, the founder of Seven Summits Therapy and Fitness.  O’Mara’s lifelong goal is to climb the highest mountain on each continent.  So far, O’Mara has climbed 4 of the 7.  I spoke over email with Brady and asked about the fund.  He explained that the remaining three mountains are very expensive and this was his creative way to help achieve the goal.

O’Mara told me that he hopes to climb each of the remaining three summits every three years.  His last summit was Mt. McKinley in June of 2014.  McKinley is located in Alaska and is the highest summit in North America and the third highest in the world. He hopes to climb the next summit in 2017.

I was not certain about including this cause when deciding whether or not to include this race as part of my 12 in 12.  No one would argue that there are many more important issues that need our attention than Brady O’Mara’s quest to climb seven mountains.  And I hope to bring a massive amount of attention to as many of them as possible.  But a personal quest is something that hits home with me.

How many of us (me included) are going through life sleep-walking with no major goals?  We sit in our office watching the time go by looking forward to 5:00 on Friday night and dreading Monday morning.  How many of us are living our dreams?  Doing exactly what we want to do when we want to do it?  Well it’s bullshit and I’m fed up with it.  The time to climb our own mountain is now.  Most likely, there is no way I’ll be climbing any mountain range in my life.  But I’m tired of living my life with no focus on reaching a summit.

That is why I’m running this race.  Because I’m inspired by another man’s actions.  Not his intentions but his actions.  I hope you join us.



History and a Great Bar

In the last post I mentioned how this quest to run 12 5Ks in 12 states was about more than running.  It’s also about learning some history and drinking some beers.  Philadelphia is RICH with history and I am looking forward to finding something new and unique to talk about.  And I’m always looking forward to a good beer in a local bar.

Do you have any recommendations as to where I should go for my history lesson and beer?  Please leave a comment with your suggestion.


-Keith Laskey


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