A Quest to Run a 5K in Every State

The Quests


I have a few quests for 2015.  None of them are major quests, but they are quests. Dictionary.com defines quest as…a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something.


The most difficult quest I have for 2015 is to be out of bed before 5:30 every morning.  This will not be easy as I will need to make some changes to my nightlife that I have not been able to do up until now.  What am I pursuing or searching for?  Silver and Gold of course.  Have you heard the Chinese proverb?


No one who wakes before dawn


My wake up before 5:30 quest is me in search of riches.  There is no way that waking up early every day won’t make me and my family healthier and wealthier.


12 States-12 Races


A second quest is that I run a 5K in 12 different states.  Hopefully, I run more than just one in my home state of PA but the quest is to run at least 11 others in 11 other states.  When all is said and done, I hope to run a 5K in every state in the Union as well as the Nation’s Capital and Puerto Rico.  Fifty-two 5Ks in all!


The difficult thing about this, aside from the travel, will be deciding which races to run.  There are no shortage of 5Ks, no doubt about that.  But which causes do I want to support?  That is the biggest question.


Here are a few causes that come to mind;

  1. Childhood cancer
  2. Education and literacy
  3. Environmental reasons
  4. Help for the Poor and Homeless.
  5. Veterans
  6. Awareness for accidents caused by DUI or distracted driving
  7. Specific personal causes that I’m interested in.


This is just a short list and I’m sure many other causes are being left off.  As I schedule races throughout the next five years I will make every effort to find causes that I wish to support.  I use the site, Running In The USA, to find races.


A typical 5K registration fee is about $25-$50.  That helps but it’s not quite enough to make a massive difference.  Hence the reason that I am taking to this website.  Each month will be focused on a different race/cause.  My goal will be to help raise more money for the cause of the month as well as bring awareness to whatever it is the race is benefiting.


A Travel Blog?

Along with the focus of this site moving towards my 5K quest I will also be writing more on travel.  My goal is to share a little bit of history about each state as well as visit a local establishment.  Hey, isn’t that why runners run in the first place?  To drink!!


What’s Your Quest?

A quest is something that is not easily accomplished and that has a deadline.  My overall deadline for this quest is December 31, 2019.  At least one 5K in every state in the Union as well as D.C. and Puerto Rico.  My mini-quest is a 5K in 12 different states with a deadline of December 31, 2015.  On top of the races, and much more important than running, is my quest to bring attention to as many as 52 causes over the course of the next five years.

Do you have a quest for 2015?  Is there a cause you want to help?  Do you have a quest to make yourself a better person this year?  How do you plan on doing it?  Leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas on how you can make the world a better place in 2015.

-Keith Laskey

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