The Creating You Blog


Welcome to the Creating You Blog, a home for those of us who want to create the best possible version of ourselves.  My name is Keith Laskey and I write articles with ideas about doing just that.  I have two young children (10 year old stepson and a 4 year old girl).  The inspiration for this site comes from the fact that I want my children to grow up in a healthy and fulfilling environment.


Every person we can reach will help make this world a better place for them as well as all the youth of the world.



My Goal


My Goal is to reach 1,000 subscribers on this site with the articles, videos and podcast that I bring to the world.  I will also present ideas from others that can help us with our journey.


My Quests


I have three quests for 2015, wake up early before dawn every day, read 25 books and run a 5K in 12 different states.  I’ll be writing about each of them on this site.


My Family

Here is a short video of my family!

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