I never went as far as to call myself an atheist.  I guess I have been a God fearing man my entire life even though I have had some serious doubts in recent years.  And if I’m being honest to myself right now, I still have some doubts.

But very recently I decided to put my doubts away.  I decided to just go with it.  Allow myself to believe in everything and see how my life changes.  Will I become a better man? A better husband, father, friend, son, worker?  Will I become more valuable?  I never really gave Christianity a chance.  I went to church when I was young but ever since I became an adult I have not given it a chance at all.

So I turned off Howard Stern and sports radio and I turned on Joel Osteen and the local Christian station.  Starting in August of 2016 I am allowing God and Jesus into my life.  At least for 1 year…..