If you want to be Wealthy, study Wealth

Jim Rohn said that.  Actually his teacher, Mr. Shoaff, said that.  Mr. Shoaff was Jim Rohn’s teacher when Rohn was 25 years old.  Rohn has told the story many times about how he left college after a year and went to work.  At the age of 25 he had pennies in his pockets, behind on his promises to his young family, behind on his debts and just in all around bad shape.

He met Mr. Shoaff who took a liking to him and offered him a job.  Rohn became a millionaire in the next 6 years.

I’m listening to Jim Rohn’s “How to Have Your best Year Ever” audio right now.  Today he mentioned this idea that Mr. Shoaff gave to him during that 6 year span.  If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.

It’s mind blowing.  Such easy advice.  But as Rohn puts, it, it’s easy to follow but it’s also easy not to follow. We all have the information right in front of us.  Online, at the library, at the bookstore, on podcasts, on audio, YouTube, newsletters.  It’s everywhere!  All we need to do is take some action and go out and get it!

Another idea that Mr. Rohn presented was, if you want to be happy, study happiness.

Think about that for a second.  Have you ever studied how to be happy?  With books like “The Happiness Project“, “Better than Before” and “The Happiness Advantage” among many many others, you can find a ton of resources, references, ideas and ways to become happier.  Who wouldn’t want to be happier!!

But so many of us are not studying happiness at all.  We are just going through the motions, bouncing off of one situation after another one.  Never taking the time to master the skills that are available to us to become….happier.

If you are interested, here are  few techniques you can use to become happier;

  1. Meditate.  5-10 minutes a day.  Just sit comfortably and focus on your breaths.  There are a lot of people that can help you with this.  Just google “how to meditate
  2. Start a Gratitude journal.  Use the “5-Minute Journal” or just start your own.  I use a little notebook that my office hands out for free.  Try to feel the gratitude as you write things out.
  3. Give.  I read earlier today that when you give your time to help others it actually feels like you doubled your salary.  You get the same f
    eeling!!  We all have some time to give.  Be selfish, use your time to help out others and in return you will be helping yourself out.





Do you want some ideas on how to be wealthier?  I’m just an amature but here are a few;

  1. Cut back on what you buy.  $2 or $3 lattes won’t add up to much.  But drinks and dinners out 3 or 4 times a week will!  Start a spending log and see if there are any ways to cut back on what you spend.
  2. Use that money for personal development.  What’s better for you, a few drinks out or a new book about how to make you wealthy?  Skip 1 or 2 nights out and instead spend it on something that will actually benefit you!
  3. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.” – B. Franklin. Another similar idea to this is the Chinese Proverb, “No one who rises before dawn 360 days a year fails to make his family rich.”  Develop good personal development habits like waking up early.  Spend the early morning hours reading, exercising, and writing.


That all I’ve got today.  Have a great evening.


Keith Laskey


11 Ways to Live a More Fulfilling Life

This post was created with my two young kids in mind.  Reece is 12 and Tatum is 6.  I hope they can learn each of these 11 habits and do them daily. I only wish I learned them when I was their age.


Day 324/365Creative Commons License Paul Heaberlin via Compfight


1. Find Excitement!

Find something you can do everyday that excites you that will allow you to earn money.  It doesn’t have to be gig money.  Small amounts built up over time will turn into much bigger amounts.  This will help you discover what you like to do and also teach you different ways to make money.  Both of these are great things to learn especially at a young age.

2. Limit Drama

You don’t need it.  Not from your friends, not from your family, not from anyone.  However, it will come your way.  Try to avoid those that make your life difficult. If the person or people that make your life difficult is someone you care about (like a family member) try to have a conversation with them. Explain what they are doing that makes you not want to be around them.  It’s not easy but that one uneasy conversation could save you hours and days of massive uneasiness.

3. Exercise

Get in the habit of exercising daily.  You have a spare half hour to do it.  Block out the time and never allow anything to get in the way.  If you cannot find a half hour then do what you can do.  100 push ups, 100 jump ropes, a 2 minute plank.  Anything, just do something.  Never miss a Monday.  Always start the week off with a workout.  Never go more than 2 days without exercising.  Things will pop up and you will miss a day or two.  Don’t miss that third day though.

4. Read

Read 10 pages of a good personal development book every day.  You can read fiction as well but you should try to read at least 10 minutes or 10 pages of a personal development book as well.  This will give you good ideas on how to become successful.  It will also allow you to put yourself in company with uplifting and inspiring people through their books.

5. Communicate

This is big.  Communication with your friends, family, co-workers or classmates is absolutely vital.  We need to hear from each other fairly often in order to maintain good relationships.  People start to think that there is a problem if they don’t hear from you for a while.  Communication is especially important when there are issues.  It is NEVER better to sit and wait to have a difficult conversation.  You must have difficult conversations as quickly as possible.  Nothing is to gain by waiting.

6. Love

Love every day.  Love your sister, love your mother, love your father, love your friends, love your friend’s mother.  I’m not talking kisses and hugs (although if appropriate, feel free) but show compassion, empathy, care, interest, respect.  Remember the Golden Rule, treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.  Always be kind.

7. Feel and express Gratitude

It’s great to be grateful.  But it’s even better to show and express gratitude.  And it’s the best when you can be grateful, show and express gratitude and record your gratitude.  Start a gratitude journal by writing down 3 things you are grateful for every day.  Do it before bed.  You’ll be amazed at how much better life is when you are seeking things to be grateful for.

8. Enjoy things that don’t cost money.

Take a walk in the park or in the woods.  Take advantage of opportunities to catch the sun rise or set over the ocean.  Play basketball with your friends or horseshoes with your dad.  Read books, watch a movie on the sofa, go for a jog.  There are a ton of free things you can do with your family and friends that will bring you joy and memories for years to come.

9. Learn something new every day.

Every night before bed ask yourself, what is something I learned today?  We have the entire world in front of us with so much to learn.  Explore your interests, you can’t possibly ever learn everything about anything.  The more interests you have the better.  Keep learning.  And then teach what you have learned.  Even if it’s just 1 small thing every day.  There are others who have the same interests as you who want to learn what you know.  Learn and teach.  Everyday.

10. Write every day.

This goes along with the last one.  By learning something new every day you can teach others what you know by writing.  Start a blog and write a short post every day about what you learned.  You can also start a journal that will help you record your thoughts. You will have so many memories in your life.  A journal will help you remember exactly what you did and who you did it with.  Writing will also help you get your thoughts clear.  It will help you define your goals. It will help you understand what you like and what you don’t like.  Writing will help you become closer to yourself.  And that is always a good thing.

11.  Love yourself.

There will be a lot of times when you will feel all alone in this world.  No matter what, you must love yourself.  Always be there for yourself.  Never talk down to yourself.  No matter what, you have you.  You can’t live forever like that, alone.  But knowing you are there for yourself will help you get through many tough times.


My name is Keith Laskey. I actually believe children are our future. I write articles about how we can empower our youth so that the world will be a better place for all of us.

Scenarios and The Reverse Time Machine

Time Travel Haikus 5-7-5 CityGypsy11 via Compfight


I first heard about the idea of a reverse time machine in a conversation with James Altucher and Kevin Kelly.  It was on Altucher’s podcast.

Kevin Kelly is a co-founder of Wired Magazine. He recently wrote a book called, The Inevitable. Understanding the 12 Technological Forces that will Shape our Future. 

The podcast consists of the the two going over each of the 12 forces.  There were two that really hit home with me; Reverse Time Machine and Scenarios.


Reverse Time Machine is the idea of predicting what will happen in the future and then going backwards to try and figure out how to make the prediction come true.  Kelly gives an example of Elon Musk going into the future to see civilian or commercial space travel, then going back to present day and taking the steps to make it happen.  Which he and others certainly will do.  Once you can see the future, you can develop a way to get from here to there.

Scenarios has do to do with not making a prediction but rather realizing that what you predict will happen must be plausible.  You look at the most extreme possibilities which allows you to predict what could happen.  As an example, a transportation system made up entirely of flying cars is most likely not possible.  At least within the next 50-100 years.  But driverless cars is very possible.  Probably within the next 15-20 years if not sooner.

If you are in the Auto industry you can begin to set yourself up to succeed with the extreme possibility that most if not all cars will be driverless before you retire.


What does this have to do with you and me?

When I got back to my desk I started scribbling notes down vigorously  I wanted to see how we could use these two Forces to our advantage on a personal level.  How could we make our lives better using Reverse Time Machines and Scenarios?

Here is what I did.  I considered 5 categories that I am most interested in or concerned about.  Where would I be in 20 years, 2036?  Here are my 5 categories.  Feel free to create your own or use these.


5 categories

I then came up with 3 scenarios as to where I would be in each of these categories in 2036.  The scenarios were Optimal, Status Quo (meaning exactly the same as it is now), and Worst Case.


3 scenarios



From there, I describe 10 factors or 10 things I can do to achieve each of these scenarios.  How can I achieve my optimal health in 2036?  What activities and habits must I have to keep the status quo or get to the worse case scenario?


The Hypothesis

I am thinking that the method of using a reverse time machine coupled with scenarios will allow me to predict where I will be in each of the 5 categories in 20 years.  In addition, by using Optimal, Status Quo and Worst Case scenarios, I put the power to succeed in my own hands.  I also put the power to fail in my own hands.  By describing what I need to do to achieve my optimal health or relationships or financial position, I am creating a blueprint.  A blueprint that I can use for success in each category.


Here is an example using the Health and Fitness category with the Optimal scenario.

Category: Health/Fitness

What is my Optimal Health in 2036?

  1. 189 pounds ( I am 6 foot with mid-large frame)
  2. Able to run 5 miles easily and often.
  3. Normal blood pressure
  4. Disease free
  5. Limited stress
  6. Visible muscle tone
  7. Visible abdominal muscles
  8. Thin looking face
  9. Well rested
  10. Size 32 jeans.


I’m sure there are some things I’m not thinking of, this isn’t a perfect science.  Just as I understand that not all of these factors are controllable.  Especially some diseases like cancer.  But for the most part, I have complete power over the status of my health and fitness.  And there are certain preventable measures I can take to ward off some cancers.


From here I look at each of the 10 items above and create ways to get to my desired goal.

  • How must my diet change in order to get to my desired weight of 189 pounds?
  • What plan can I create where I can get to running 5 miles easily and often?
  • What exercises do I need to do in order to have visible muscle tone?
  • What habits must I start to be well rested with very little stress?


What do you think?  Is this method something you can work with to achieve your goals?


Success can’t be found without First Discovering Your Purpose

Empowering our Youth

What is Success?



The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.


So what is success to you?  


It could be anything.  If your purpose or aim is to be the starting point guard than you will have success if you are the starting point guard.  If your aim or purpose is to achieve straight A’s than you will have success if you achieve straight A’s.

It’s very easy to see HOW you become successful.  The problem is, most people don’t know what they are aiming for.  Most adults go to college, get a job and drift through life.  We don’t have anything we are shooting for.  So we coast through life on auto-pilot and end up completely off course.

Take it from me.  I am so off-course from what my ideal life is it makes me sick.  I should be by the beach somewhere in California.  Or at least Florida! Instead I am living in Pennsylvania.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a good job and a decent house with lots of family and friends.  But it’s not exactly the ideal life.  Not the life I would have chosen had I been given the chance to choose.

And that’s exactly where I’m wrong.  I WAS given the chance to choose.  We all are.  It doesn’t matter where you come from.  You can decide where your life goes. Even if you are in your 30’s like me.  You can always grab the steering wheel and make a turn.  Even the slightest turn can turn things around for you.


The best time to get started, though, is when you are young.  The younger the better.  The sooner you realize that you are in complete control of your life, the better off you will be.


So, that’s what Success is.  It is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It doesn’t matter how BIG or small the purpose is.  You get to choose.  But you must make a choice.  Or else you will find yourself spending your time creating success for someone else.  Time is your greatest resource.  Do not waste it creating success for someone else when it can be used creating your own success.


How do we find Success?

Now that we know that Success can only be found if we accomplish an aim or purpose, we need to discover what our aim or purpose is.



triples on the horizon

In order to have Success, you must know exactly what you are aiming for.

Courtland via Compfight


How to find our aim or purpose?


This can be challenging.  We all know what we don’t want or don’t like.  We can all create a long list of those items.  But what do we like?  And, even furhter, what do we like so much that we want to make that or purpose in life?


There are several ideas for figuring this out.  Here are a few…


What topic do you always look for in the Library or bookstore?

If you always go to books about sports or history than you clearly have an interest in those topics.  Be aware of the things you are interested in and find a way to use that to determine what your aim or purpose is.


What do you have the most fun doing?

One idea on finding your purpose is to think of what you had the most fun doing when you were younger.  Think of yourself as a young child.  What did you enjoy doing the most?  If you are an adult, what do you have so much fun doing that you would do it for free?  Anything you think of can be turned into a successful career.  


What are you good at?

What are some things that you are really good at?  This is where your purpose in life most often intersects.  What you are good at and what you have fun doing.  When I was younger I used to love talking with my friends about life.  Problems, theories on why we are here, God, is there an afterlife or not.  I was also very good at listening to other’s viewpoints as well as expressing mine even if there was a disagreement.


What do others say you are good at?

Sometimes it is difficult for us to see what we are good at it.  It’s human nature to have self-doubt.  That’s when others can help.  Do other people tell you that you are great at something?  Listen to them, they most likely aren’t just messing around with you.  


Identifying your purpose is absolutely essential for your achievement of success.  Without a purpose you will never know if you are on course or not.



Action Plan:

Identify your purpose.  Why are you here?  Who can you bring value to? Who do you want to bring value to?  How can you change the world?  We all have that power.  Identify it and take action!


My name is Keith Laskey. I actually believe children are our future. I write articles about how we can empower our youth so that the world will be a better place for all of us.


Success through the Art of Communication

Empowering our Youth

Communication with others


This is important.  This topic is a big one.  We all talk way too much.  We spend our conversations waiting for the other person to finish talking so that we can express our viewpoint.  And those are actually the good conversationalists!  Most people don’t even wait for you to finish.  Most people have no problem with interrupting you as you speak.

This is not how successful people handle their conversations.  Successful people listen, intently.  They realize that the person they are listening to is the most important person in the world, at least according to that person.

Just like you feel as though you are the most important person in the world.   Just like you want to be heard and want to feel comfortable expressing your opinions.  

Communicating well with others will set you apart from everyone else.  Most people won’t take the time to learn how to make others feel important.  We find it refreshing when someone comes along and is able to have a decent conversation.




Here are a few tricks for making others feel important.


Always use a person’s name.  

Let me guess, you aren’t good with names?  That ends now.  There aren’t many things as important to a person than his own name.  It is the sweetest sound you can here.  Using the names of people will immediately set you apart.  Whenever you are introduced to someone, always say their name back to them to make sure you heard it correctly.  Use it once more before you leave the conversation.  Writing it down on a notebook at that point will help tremendously. 

Yes, a notebook.  You should start carrying a small notebook to capture ideas as well as names of people.  I use a water’s book because it’s cheap, small and a bit of a conversation starter.



Do you prefer to be around someone that is moping or upbeat?  Someone negative or positive?  Someone with a big frown on their face or a giant smile?  Of course, it’s the same for all of us.  Smiles are infectious and it’s one thing worth catching.  Try to always smile when around others. Especially while talking.  Smiling while talking has an unbelievable effect on people.  


Get people to talk about themselves.

We all have a lot going on.  And we all want to talk about it.  The problem is, as I mentioned earlier, no one listens.  So we are left unsatisfied when we talk with others. Getting people to talk about themselves solves this issue.  Ask questions about them.  What do they do for a living, when is their birthday, what are their hobbies, what do they like, dislike, what’s their favorite season.  Anything to keep the attention on them. All of this information will be valuable to you.  People open up like flowers once you show an interest in them.


Pretend no one else is in the room when speaking with someone.

I have had this problem.  A wandering eye while talking with someone.  There are distractions everywhere.  People talking, phones buzzing, it’s not easy to keep your attention on one thing for an extended period of time.  But when talking with someone it is essential.  Focus.  Understand the importance of every interaction.  The benefits of being known as a good listener and conversationalists are tremendous.  And even if you offer nothing more than your attention, eye contact and two listening ears, you will always be known as a great conversationalist.


Compliment.  Never criticize.

Bad news, criticizing doesn’t work.  It actually has an opposite effect.  Criticism will make the the person you are criticising resent you.  They will not want to be around you and eventually they will avoid you altogether.  No one likes to be criticized.  But we all love to be complemented. You should always, ALWAYS, find a way to compliment someone.  Females are particularly easy.  Shoes, hair, outfit, purse. Anything can be used with a female.  Males are a little bit different, it may take a little more work.  But you’ll find something.  Complements are gold.  Use them to your advantage.


Becoming a great communicator is invaluable and cannot be overstated.  People will want to be around you which will lead to more opportunities and more success.  It’s also a very easy thing to master.  Just incorporating these 5 ideas will change everything for you.


Pay attention to others as you talk and as you overhear other conversations.  You will start to separate the good communicators with the bad.  Congratulations.  This is a very valuable lesson to learn.

My name is Keith Laskey. I actually believe children are our future. I write articles about how we can empower our youth so that the world will be a better place for all of us.