35 Days Until 39

About 4 years ago I had the idea of making a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 40.  Making a million dollars was probably on that list.  Going to California was definitely on that list!  Getting my shit together was most likely number 1.  Here I sit 35 days away from my 39th birthday and #Before40 is a distant memory.  All but forgotten by the man who was determined to right the ship.

Everything is still good if not great in some areas.  I’m still happily married.  We have two healthy kids.  Two cars both within a year old, one within a week old.  A house that was only finished being built just over a year from the writing of this post.  We both have fine well paying jobs and we live in America were the possibilities of finding success are limitless.  We even have the world’s greatest dog.

But it’s not enough.  We are surviving, not thriving in most areas of our life.  We have debt.  Our credit scores aren’t tremendous.  We are not living the life of our dreams.  Not much (OK nothing) in savings.  And stress seems to get the better of me on an almost everyday basis.    Especially with my daugher, who I love very very much.  I’m short with her.  I get loud with her more than I hold her and love her.  Things need to change and they the change needs to start today.

Last night I started writing down goals.  When I stopped I looked down and counted 10.  Seems appropriate to me.  So here are my 10 goals for the next 35 days.

35 Day Goals

  • Financial – Earn $1,000 in side income.
    • This is anything on top of my salary as an insurance agent and could include commission from sales, ebay sales, Amazon sales, bartender shifts.  Anything.
  • Health – Look good in that red shirt.
    • I bought a red shirt that was a little tight before going to Disney last June.  I haven’t really worn it since as I didn’t really recover from that trip.  I will weigh myself just so I can track that but I’m not trying to lose any set amount of weight.  I’m not going to measure my biceps.  I’ll simply take a picture of before and then one after.
  • RBA (Work) – 1 blog post every day.
    • I’m not going to pound the pavement.  I’m not going to cold call 10 people every day.  I’m going to get in the habit of writing insurance blog posts, consistently, for the next 35 days.  I’m hoping this will increase in-bound phone calls and emails as well as get me more in tune with my career as an insurance agent.
  • Tatum – Grateful/Proud of 30 times
    • This is something Tatum and I do very often before bed.  But we have gotten away from it recently.  I am hoping that this small habit will rebuild a relationship that I have started to damage.  Tatum and I are fine but we could be a lot better.
  • Reece – 5 hours of one on one time.
    • Reece is in that middle school zone.  He is often out with his friends.  Which is fine. But him and I need to start having more one on one time.  Playing video games, shooting hoops, riding bikes, doing whatever we can do to spend time together.
  • Clarissa – Grateful list
    • I started a I’m grateful for you list for Clarissa at the beginning of the year.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it very far into January before I stopped.  A list like this will help me look for things about Clarissa that I am grateful for and will undoubtedly bring us closer.
  • Reading – Read 525 pages
    • This is 15 pages per day for 35 days.  It may not be easy and there will days were zero pages are read and days were 50 pages are read.
  • Writing Goal – Write 17,500 words.
    • This is 500 words per day for 35 days.  This is not related to the RBA insurance blog post.  It is in addition to it.  These words are not related to work but rather life.  Perhaps a daily update on this 35 day goal list.
  • Podcast – Create and ship 5 podcast episodes
    • I pay for a podcast, $7 a month.  It’s time to actually use it and create something.
  • Friend Goal – Contact 1 friend every day for 35 days.
    • This is a way for me to reach out to someone I don’t see or talk to very often.  I’m excited to see where this one goes.


Here we go!


Keith Laskey


Corey Kluber will Pitch for Postseason Win #5

Corey Kluber will look to become only the 3rd pitcher in MLB history to win 5 games in a single Postseason.  Several have won 4 games with the most recent pitchers being Madison Bumgarner in 2014, John Lester and Michael Wacha in 2013 and Chris Carpenter in 2011.  In all, 18 pitchers have won 4 games in a single Postseason.

The two that have won 5 games?  Randy Johnson in 2001 led the Arizona Diamondbacks to their first and only World Series championship.  Johnson won the World Series MVP in ’01 as 3 of the 5 wins came in the Series against the Yankees.  He also won 2 games in the NLCS.

Johnson pitched a complete Game 2 in the ’01 Series allowing 3 hits and no runs.  In Game 6, Johnson threw 7 more innings striking out 7 and allowing 2 runs.  Johnson would be called again just a day later in Game 7.  With 2 outs in the 8th inning, down a run and with a man on base, Johnson would retire pinch hitter Chuck Knoblauch.

He would return in the top of the 9th and shut down the 3-time defending champion Yankees 1-2-3.  After an improbable bottom of the 9th inning that saw legend Mario Rivera blow a save and eventually get the loss, Johnson would become the first pitcher in history to win 5 games in a single Postseason.

Relief pitcher, Francisco Rodriquez, is the only other person with 5 wins in a single postseason.  In 2002, KRod won 2 games in the ALDS, 2 in the ALCS and 1 in the World Series against the San Francisco Giants.  Rodriquez also had a loss in the Series.

In all, KRod pitched in 11 games that postseason, going 5-1 with no saves.  In the Series, he gave up only 2 earned runs in 8 and two thirds innings with a 2.08 ERA.  He struck out 13, walked 1 and allowed 6 hits.  A win for a relief pitcher is rare, let alone 5 of them in a single Postseason.  But this appears to be more related to the fact that the games were so close and not Rodriquez’s performance.

The Indians have cruised through the playoffs in 2016. Kluber pitched 1 game in the NLDS throwing 7 innings striking out 7 and allowing 0 runs on 3 hits.  In the NLCS against Toronto, Kluber started 2 games and pitched 11 and a third innings.  He allowed 2 runs, 10 hits and struck out 13 with an ERA of 1.59.

He has been lights out in the World Series.  Two games, 9 hits, 15 strike outs, and 1 earned run.  A 0.75 ERA.  If Kluber can pitch like that again later tonight he will all but guarantee the first World Series Championship for the Indians since 1948.  And Kluber will walk away with the MVP and a new Chevy.

After 30 and a third innings pitched, Kluber’s 0.89 ERA sits at number 6 on the all-time Postseason ERA list. Right behind number 5, Babe Ruth, at 0.87.  Mariano Rivera is the career ERA leader with 141 innings pitched and a 0.70 ERA.

-Keith Laskey


Here we go Again. Weight Loss Goal.

OK, so the goal this year is to lose 36 pounds in 22 weeks.  Starting January 1st with the deadline of 3/31/15.  A pound and a half a week.

Starting weight: 225

Goal End weight: 189.

Why 189?  Because it rhymes with fine.  I learned from Jack Canfield that the best way to state an affirmation is to use it as a rhyme.  So…”I’m feeling fine at my ideal weight of 189.”


Today is January 7th. I weighed in this morning at 220.  Down 5 pounds in the first 7 days.  Not a bad start but I need to keep it going.  This is a marathon and not a sprint.  Plus, I need to develop habits that I can use to get me to 189 and then also that I can use to keep me at 189!

Ultimately, I’m trying to lose fat and gain muscle.  Not to become a muscle head or anything, just tone up.  Have a you look good in that bathing suit, type of body.

Today we booked a trip to Puerto Rico.  We leave 53 days from now.  If I can keep pace with my 1.5 per week plan than I should be down to about 208.  I haven’t seen the numbers on the scale below 210 in a long time.

So tomorrow we start a regular work out plan. 6 days of exercise, one day off.  Not hours and hours in the gym.  But just find 30 minutes a day to sweat, burn fat and build muscle. It looks like it’s going to be the morning where I find most of that time.

Tomorrow’s schedule:

  • 5:15 Wake up.  Grab a glass of water from next to my bed and drink it. (this is assuming my 5-year old daughter doesn’t get to it first.  Which she usually does)
    • Go to the bathroom.  I learned this technique from Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner.
  • 5:20 Drink a 30 gram protein shake.
    • Water and powder
  • 5:25 Meditate.
  • 5:35 5-minute journal
  • 5:40 Read and complete an exercise from Lewis Howe’s “The School of Greatness” book
  • 6:00 Exercise
    • 25T.  First time I’ll be doing this program.  Very excited to get started.
  • 6:30 Write until my daughter wakes up


OK.  That is tomorrow’s schedule and I’m going to to stick to it!!!  For once.


Yours in Wellness and Personal Growth,

Keith Laskey

My Head Won’t Leave My Head Alone




That’s a line from the DMB’s song “Rhyme and Reason”.  And it is so incredibly true.


Here are some more…

“How long I’m tied up
My mind in knots –
My stomach reels
In concern for what I might do or What I’ve done
It’s got me living in fear
Well I know
These voices must be my soul
I’ve had enough I’ve had enough of being alone
But I’ve got no place to go”


Ugh, what an awful feeling.  I’m not sure what this song is about.  Some people say it is about heroine addiction.  But I’ve never spoken with Dave to confirm that.

I’m not at addict but I am a worrier.  And sometimes I wonder which is worse.

Lately I have come to the realization that I am entirely too self absorbed.  I think about myself way too much.  Not in a selfish way but in a fearful way.  I’m so consumed with fear of the unknown that I miss things.  I forget things.

I’m so overcome with fear of what others are thinking that I don’t make the feelings of others a priority.  It has the complete opposite effect on what I want.

My head won’t leave my head alone.  I can’t make it stop.

It’s like there is a cloud of uncertainty , fear and concern.  It’s all around me, covering me like the dirt that sticks with the Peanut’s character, Pigpen.

I can’t get through it.  No knife is sharp enough to cut it.  No shower is long enough wash it away.

A conversation in the other room makes me wonder if they are talking about me.  A ding on the phone makes me think they are discussing me.

Me me me.  Is it about me? There’s that ding again…is that about me?



Dealing with this makes me realize a few things.


It’s not about me.

People are much more concerned about themselves than they are me.  Sure, some of it may be about me but even the things that are about me are really about them and how I’m affecting them.


Communication reduces friction.

There has never been a situation where this wasn’t the case.  At least not in my world.  Talking with someone will always help.  Even if there is a massive blowup during that talk, communication will ALWAYS get closer to the resolution.


Ignoring it never helps

Time heals all wounds but ignoring a situation is a sure fire way to make you miserable for a long time.


Gratitude helps.

It’s impossible to be both sad and grateful at the same time.  Practicing the attitude of gratitude will help you in bite sized moments.  It wont fix the problem but it will be a breath of fresh air.


Disappointing others is a major fear.

I now understand that disappointing people is my biggest concern.  It’s impossible to protect yourself from this.  You just have to do the best you can every time in all situations.  Be prepared and give it your all.  Mistakes will be made, incorrect decisions will be made.  You will disappoint people.  It’s OK.  Don’t let it get you down.


Turn bad situations into positive opportunities.

I learned this when I was a Cast Member at  Disney World.  Best customer service secret ever!  You will have situations that come up that are uncomfortable.  You need to try as hard as you can to get the guts to communicate and turn it into something positive.  Something that you can use to build off of.  Things are always either getting better or worse.  They never stay the same. You’re either livin’ or dyin’.


Remember the 10 Year Rule.

Is what you are currently dealing with going to matter in 10 years?  10 Months? 10 days or even 10 hours?  If not then you need to just forget about it.  There are very few problems you will face that will matter in 10 years or even 10 months.  Heck most of our problems won’t matter in 10 hours.  Especially if you take action and start working on building the solution now.


That’s all I’ve got. Hopefully I will take my own advice cause my head is really starting to exhaust me.

Want to be more Successful? Solve Bigger problems.

Empowering our Youth


Hello all.  I hope you are having a wonderful day.  In life, your success is directly related to the size of the problem that you can solve.  So if the problem you are solving is limited to accepting cash and returning change, most likely you will not achieve a tremendous amount of success.  At least not from that particular area of your life.


2015-09-09 15.30.14


So you need to think big.  Here are 10 problems that I came up with.


1 How to be a better stepfather.

I’m not perfect. Far from it.  But I have created a tremendous relationship with Reece, my stepson, as well as his father.  I also played a big part in the formation of the relationships involved in our circle.  So yes, I can definitely help solve problems associated with being a stepparent.

2. How to communicate with others.

Yeah this is one that people need a lot of help with.  We have a difficult time talking and listening to each other.  Communicating effectively with others is an incredible way to make yourself more successful.

3. How to write an insurance blog.

OK, so this may not relate to you.  But you can replace insurance for whatever field you are in.  I have experience with an isurance blog but they are all basically the same.  Getting your name out into the online world as an authority on your type of business can be huge dollars and great success.

4. How to be a better restaurant server.

We all know that servers need this type of training.  It boggles my mind sometimes to see the service provided by some of the places we go out to eat.  I have been a server for many restaurants and I actually don’t think I have ever been trained on how to serve.  Sure, I know you pick up from the left and drop off on the right.  I know the protein on the plate should be directly in front of the guest.  But how to interact with the guests is something that is often overlooked by management.  And it’s usually the most sure fire way to guarantee a magical experience.

5. How to offer better customer service skills.

Maybe it’s because I was a Cast Member at Disney WOrld but I take customer service very seriously.  I cringe at poor customer service and am elated at excellent customer service.  No matter what your business is, customer service is a major key to success.

6. Direction (and ideas) on driving across the country.

This was one of my major ideas when I first started thinking of on-line businesses.  I have so many ideas for people that live in any area of the country.  Ideas for all seasons and interests that range from sports, history, camping, resorts.  You name your interest, home base and departure time and I have the idea and the perfect route for you!

7. How to lose 20 pounds in a month.

Been there, done that.  It’s actually very easy to do.  Whether you want to exercise a lot or just alter your food and beverage intake, I have a plan for you.  You can recreate your body in less than a month.  Your body is the only exercise equipment you’ll need and you can probably eat more and spend less on your food.  Interested?  Hint #1, start drinking a TON of water.

8. Creating a fitness schedule.

Anywhere from a 3 days per week to a 7 day per week schedule.  Heck, I can even do a 1 or 2 day per week schedule.  Depending on what your goals are, we can find the perfect workout schedule for you.  Short on time?  No worries, we can create a 10-minute 3-4 days per week schedule.  Have  time but no ideas?  The sky is the limit for you.

9. Financial planning for youth.

Just do the complete opposite of EVERYTHING I have ever done.  Hopefully my blunders while I was in my 20s and 30s will lead to success for all of us.  I can teach our youth what to do with their money and investments as well as what not to do.  This will help them start to create the life of their dreams as early as they can.  This is my favorite idea.

10. Walt Disney World/Orlando vacation planner.

There is so much to do in Orlando.  Heck, there is too much to do at Disney alone! I can help play your trip so there is no wasted time and great adventures.  Whether at the Disney parks or in and around Orlando, I can create the perfect plan for you to maximize your time.


There are many ways you can help solve the problems of people. If you want to be successful than you need to start thinking of your special set of skills.  Once you know your skills then get to work!!


Thanks for reading, have a great day.



My name is Keith Laskey. I actually believe children are our future. I write articles about how we can empower our youth so that the world will be a better place for all of us.