Creating You. Forming a Positive Mental Attitude.

This post is the next step in Building the Best Possible Version of Yourself. I recommend reading Creating You. In The Beginning. Prior to moving forward with this post.


OK, so now we have found out who we are and which parts of us we want to ditch and which ones we want to build upon. We also know where we want to go. We know where we want to live and what we want to do to sustain our perfect lifestyle.


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Now we need to form a base, a foundation. We need to look inward and find the bridge that will connect every part of our being.


Building a Positive Mental Attitude.


A positive mental attitude makes everything about us better. People like being around those who have a positive mental attitude. More opportunities come to those who are more optimistic. Positive mental attitudes are infectious and worth spreading.


How to develop a Positive Mental Attitude.


Developing a positive mental attitude may seem difficult. Especially if you have spent most of your life with a negative point of view. But in reality, adjusting your attitude is simple. Much easier than you realize. Your attitude and how you see the world is your choice. It’s your decision. You decide if you are positive or negative.

It’s time you take control over this aspect of your life.  Own your attitude and decide how you are going to use it for your advantage.


Train Your Mind


Napoleon Hill, in his epic book “Think and Grow Rich”, suggests that you can train your mind to think in a more positive way. On the flip side you can also train to think in a more negative way. But why would you want to do that? A negative person provides absolutely no value to himself or any person around him. Think of the negative people you know. Do you want to spend any length of time with them whatsoever? Do you want to give them any opportunities? Do you refer or recommend them to anyone?


Of course you don’t. So how do we train our minds to think in a more positive way? Negative thoughts will come to us. When they do, accept the thought, realize it is poison to us and to anyone else we may share it with and let it go. There is no need to mention the thought or the fact that you just successfully pushed it aside like the garbage that it is. Just process it and move forward. Soon you will find that negative thoughts no longer find their way to you. You have cut out the outlet for the poison and made it very clear that you are not interested.


Use Habits that Create a Positive Point of View


Start to see the beauty of things. Search for the positive things in every situation. Find ways to help people. Small ways of helping others go a long way to turning you into a more positive person. In every situation you are presented with ask yourself, how can I help? What can I do to make this person’s life better or easier?


Never keep score when lending a hand to someone. Give with no expectation of receiving something in return. That will only lead to tension.


Be grateful and express your gratitude. Never keep gratitude to yourself. Let others know you appreciate them. Feel your appreciation and allow your emotions to help express your feelings.


Bring positivity to the Universe and the Universe will reward you with more reasons to be positive.


-Keith Laskey

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