Dreams and Fears (Why we make decisions)


Empowering our Youth


Is that it?  Is it that easy? Is it possible that the only thing that matters in life is making our dreams come true and avoiding what we fear the most?

I think so.  This thought comes from a post that Seth Godin put out today.

Pleasure and Pain

One of Tony Robbins biggest points is very similar.  His thought is that everything we do is done in order to increase pleasure or decrease pain.  Pleasure and pain.  That’s all there is to life.  That’s all there is to every decision we make.  Whether it be conscious or subconscious.

As simple as this sounds, I believe it to be true.  Godin’s post was related to marketing.  People that earn a living marketing products should be considering these two things (dreams and fears) when putting together a campaign.



If you’re a person in marketing than you should already know who Seth Godin is.  If you don’t then congratulations.  I just helped you get closer to your dream of being a great marketer.

If you’re not in marketing than maybe this will help you understand how you are being marketed to.  They will prey on your dreams with promises on how they can make all your desires come true.

They will prey on you and tell you your worst fears will come true UNLESS you buy their product.  Sometimes you’ll want to listen and buy.  Sometimes you’ll just want to turn away.  The choice is yours.  Maybe your decision will come down to whether or not the purchase of the product will decrease your pain and increase your pleasure.

Chances are that’s exactly what your decision will be based on.


Forget about Marketing.

Forget about commercials and advertisements.  What about everyday life?  How does this thought work with us in an everyday basis?

Dream Big!

We have to dream big.  If all that matters in life is that our dreams come true than we need to have enormous dreams.  We need to shoot for the stars.  Have dreams so big that we even laugh at ourselves!

Put the Universe on notice that we have arrived and it is our intention to change the world.   Then get to work.  Not a massive all-night campaign with an 8 AM deadline.  A slow but steady tortoise beats the hare type approach.

Daily actions taken that will ensure success in time and over the course of many years.


Fear nothing!


say no to kryptonite




We have discovered our kryptonite.  It’s called fear.  And it’s to be avoided at all costs.  It’s the only thing that can stop us.  You don’t see Superman holding that green rock do you??  Of course not!!

Don’t hold your fear even for a second.  It will paralyze you.  You will be left a shell of the person that you are.  Shut it out when it creeps it’s ugly head around the corner.  It’s coming, it will always be coming.  You need to kick it in the face and keep moving forward.

 Good luck. We can do it!!

My name is Keith Laskey. I actually believe children are our future. I write articles about how we can empower our youth so that the world will be a better place for all of us.

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