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I hate prefaces. I have recently started reading again and I NEVER read the preface of a book. I have the mentality that I need to finish the story and have no time to read some introduction! It’s an idiotic way of looking at books and stories and hopefully someday I will change my perspective on this. So with that in mind, it pains me to write a preface to a blog post. But that is what I shall do and what I have done……

I don’t know what’s going on above the sky or below the surface of the ground. People tell me that there is a God that sits above everything and keeps a close watch on what you do and say…and maybe even what you think!! At the same time there is some Giant Red Demon that sits WAY below the surface of the ground where it is hotter than hot. This guy doesn’t seem to care about anything except harassing the bad people that are sent down to him.

The jury is definitely still out, as far as I’m concerned, in regards to this discussion.

What I am certain of, however, is that things happen to us everyday that don’t come with an explanation. A chance meeting with someone. A random song you were thinking about that suddenly comes on the air.  For the life of me I can’t explain why there was only 1 empty seat in the room the day I met Clarissa and why that seat was next to me. Sometimes you are at the right place at the right time.

CoincidenceAccording to Webster:

the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection


I was talking with someone earlier that said she found the perfect items for her kids’ Easter baskets at a Barnes and Noble. I asked her if she had gone there to find gifts and she said no, she just happened to see them. She went on to say that God must have wanted her to get them.

Obviously I don’t know if I agree with her but it doesn’t matter. She acted on the coincidence. She took advantage of the bizarre unexpected opportunity that presented itself. That’s all that matters.


I was visiting a friend over the weekend in Baltimore. I had to leave early on Sunday to get back so I was on the road by 7:15 AM. I discovered this unbelievable route from Baltimore to the suburbs of Philly without ever getting on I-95. About the same time and mileage but without the stress and tolls of the interstate.

When I was about an hour away I reached out to Clarissa who was sweet enough to be a “single mom” to our 2 kids over the weekend. I asked her if she wanted something from Starbucks. At that point there were 5 locations that would have taken the same amount of time in terms of a detour. I chose one and went with it.

When I got to Starbucks I saw a friend of mine. He pulled me aside and mentioned that he had read a recent post of mine and gave me a compliment on it. I can’t believe he (or anyone for that matter) actually read the post and I am very grateful that he did. But I am even more thrilled that he liked it!! His compliment came at the end of a week filled with self doubt. It also seems to have catapulted me into unknown period of inspiration.


Giving a compliment to someone is fun for everyone involved and is something that should be done daily!


This may seem like some minor coincidence at first. But after reflecting on the morning’s events I came to realize that this was not something that I should just blow past without some thought. I had initially intended on leaving Baltimore at 8 AM but I woke up early and changed my mind. I also planned on stopping for a cup of coffee but each time I came close to a Dunkin Donuts or Wawa, I just kept on going. And why did I decide on that particular Starbucks? There were 4 others I could have went to, a few of which were easier to get to and out of than the one I chose.

Even the route I took. I have never taken that route before. I hit a few lights getting out of the city. What if they were green? What if 1 or two more were red? What if Clarissa didn’t want anything from Starbucks? (OK that is BS–she always wants Starbucks!) What sort of events did my friend go through that put him at that Starbucks at that time?

I don’t think this was just a random moment.

I can’t explain why these things occur and I honestly don’t think it matters. What matters is what we do next. How do I use the words spoken from my friend to better myself and those around me? What can I say to a friend or family member if I run into them unexpectedly that would brighten their day?

You have complete control over these coincidences. Not necessarily which ones will happen, but rather what will come from them. Make them positive. It’s all about perception and the more positive you perceive things the more aware you will be of the opportunities that are presented.

What type of coincidences have you noticed? Do you think it’s God’s way of telling you what to do? Do you think Satan has a pitchfork?

And please remember to give a compliment today. It very well could be the one thing a person needs.

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