Gratitude Journal Day 2

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday to you.


First Day of Fall (I think)


Things I am most grateful for today.


1.  Different Seasons!!  I never minded not having seasons when I lived in Florida. It was always so warm and sunny!  Great place to spend some time when you’re in your twenties.  But now that we are in the first couple days of fall I realize just how spectacular the seasons are.  The weather has been almost unfairly beautiful lately.  And I have enjoyed every moment of it.  Albeit mostly from inside an office. But that’s a discussion for a different day.


I suppose in a few months when Winter gets here I will be cursing the seasons.  But for now I am very grateful for the chilly wind, bright sun and the coming change in colors.


2.  Eric the Actor.  Eric the Actor was a “character” on the Howard Stern Show.  He was a real person, but was mostly known as one of the whack packers for the legendart radio show.  He was loved by most if not all.  A disabled “little person” with a dynamic personality that was always willing to share his thoughts and feelings.

The show put Eric on the map. He was even given a few roles the last few years on network television.  I am grateful for Eric because of the entertainment that brought to me and many others.  Eric will be missed.  By for now, Eric.


3.  The Opportunity to work.  I am an insurance agent.  Not my life’s calling.  Not what I went to college for and not what I’ve always dreamed of doing with my life.  But it’s what I am today.  And I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to help as many people as I can within this position.  I am also very grateful for the opportunity to work in sales.  How much I earn is directly related to the amount of effort I put into the position.  I determine my own salary.  And although I have not made as much money as I would have liked to, I am very grateful for the opportunity to do so.


Leave a comment with things that you are grateful for. Have a grateful day!





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