Gratitude Journal Day 4

September 25, 2014.


Today’s gratitude journal focuses on Health.

1.  Me mental, emotional and physical health.  I am very grateful that I have my health in all three of these areas.  I could be a little more fit and in shape.  Sometimes my emotions get the better of me and we all get depressed or down from time to time.  But for the most part I am in a pretty good spot as far as my overall health is concerned.


2.  My parents health.  My mom and dad are in their sixties.  Still act like their in the twenties though!!  Again, they are not the most physically fit and they have a few conditions they are keeping an eye on.  But they have managed to avoid all of the big diseases up to this point.  KNOCK ON WOOD!~!


3.  My father’s friend, Dick Mull.  Dick passed away yesterday morning.  All of us that knew him are grieving from the loss.  Dick was a great man and a very good friend of the family.  He will be missed to the utmost extent.


Be grateful for what you have.  You never know….




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