Here we go Again. Weight Loss Goal.

OK, so the goal this year is to lose 36 pounds in 22 weeks.  Starting January 1st with the deadline of 3/31/15.  A pound and a half a week.

Starting weight: 225

Goal End weight: 189.

Why 189?  Because it rhymes with fine.  I learned from Jack Canfield that the best way to state an affirmation is to use it as a rhyme.  So…”I’m feeling fine at my ideal weight of 189.”


Today is January 7th. I weighed in this morning at 220.  Down 5 pounds in the first 7 days.  Not a bad start but I need to keep it going.  This is a marathon and not a sprint.  Plus, I need to develop habits that I can use to get me to 189 and then also that I can use to keep me at 189!

Ultimately, I’m trying to lose fat and gain muscle.  Not to become a muscle head or anything, just tone up.  Have a you look good in that bathing suit, type of body.

Today we booked a trip to Puerto Rico.  We leave 53 days from now.  If I can keep pace with my 1.5 per week plan than I should be down to about 208.  I haven’t seen the numbers on the scale below 210 in a long time.

So tomorrow we start a regular work out plan. 6 days of exercise, one day off.  Not hours and hours in the gym.  But just find 30 minutes a day to sweat, burn fat and build muscle. It looks like it’s going to be the morning where I find most of that time.

Tomorrow’s schedule:

  • 5:15 Wake up.  Grab a glass of water from next to my bed and drink it. (this is assuming my 5-year old daughter doesn’t get to it first.  Which she usually does)
    • Go to the bathroom.  I learned this technique from Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner.
  • 5:20 Drink a 30 gram protein shake.
    • Water and powder
  • 5:25 Meditate.
  • 5:35 5-minute journal
  • 5:40 Read and complete an exercise from Lewis Howe’s “The School of Greatness” book
  • 6:00 Exercise
    • 25T.  First time I’ll be doing this program.  Very excited to get started.
  • 6:30 Write until my daughter wakes up


OK.  That is tomorrow’s schedule and I’m going to to stick to it!!!  For once.


Yours in Wellness and Personal Growth,

Keith Laskey

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