How to Get People to Like Being Around You

What the hell am I doing here? Not just a great line from a mid-nineties Radiohead song.  But also a great question.

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What the hell am I doing here.  And even more importantly, what the hell are you doing here?  Because it doesn’t really matter what I’m doing here nearly as much as what you are doing here.  Unless no one else reads this.  Than the question in fact really is, what the hell am I doing here?

Are you making the world a better place? Are you making the lives of the people around you more enjoyable?  Are you making others happy? Or are stressing them the hell out?  Do they shudder with fear and uneasiness when you are close by or do they embrace the time they have with you and look forward to the next visit?

Maybe you should think about it.  Spend some time considering how your actions, thoughts and comments affect those you spend your time with.  Because nobody wants to be around a Debby Downer or someone who is critical of everything.

For God’s sake put a smile on your face!  Act like you enjoy life, it’s contagious!!  Have something interesting and uplifitng to say. Do us all a favor, if you’re miserable and want to stay that way then take some time to yourself.  We’re happy to help if you want to get out of your little funk but if you want to stay there then stay away.  Please.

But if you’re in the groove, if you’re feeling on top of the world.  If you’re walking on that beautiful sunshine then come on by.  Grace us with your presence.  You are welcome here and we are happy to see you.  We need more people like you, acting like you, talking like you.  We need more people just like you infecting us with your positivity.

People like you are the reason we get up in the morning.  The door for you is always open.


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