I forgot to play Tooth Fairy


This is not the first time we forgot.  There has been a few times when I have had to go into Reece’s room just before he would wake up and slide a $10 bill under his pillow.  Slowly and carefully taking out the tooth trying desperately not to wake him up.

Five minutes later he would be in our room happy as hell holding his loot.

This time we just forgot.  He was at a party when he lost the tooth.  We weren’t there.  He came home and announced he had lost it and there really wasn’t much discussion in the evening about it.

Clarissa, my wife, and I were talking about planning our next vacation.  There was stories on Facebook about missing children and another one about a Syracuse girl who was found dead in a Times Square hotel room.  Awful stories.  I try not to read these things but I am especially enthralled with the one missing girl as she is from my home town and we have a few mutual friends.

Before bed, Reece and I had to study for a Math test he may or may not have today.  Our town was shut down from Wednesday to Friday last week due to snow and ice.  His test was scheduled for Wednesday.  The boy hasn’t so much as even looked at a Math book since Tuesday night.  So we were up late studying.

After he went to bed we sat down on the couch and watched the final scene of one of my favorite movies, Rocky II.  “Yo Adrian, I did it!”  God do I love that movie.  Then Tatum, my four-year old daughter, kept getting out of bed.  This is pretty uncommon for her.  Usually we put her to bed and you won’t hear from her again until 7 the next morning.

She has been throwing up recently so we were a little nervous about putting her back in bed.  She gets pretty dramatic.  It’s probably all in her head but still it’s a very uncomfortable feeling thinking your daughter may throw up in her sleep.

All these things, the vacation planning, the new’s stories, the studying, the four year old dry-heaving and especially the epic battle between Rocky and Apollo.  All of these things took my attention away from my most important role of the evening.  The role of a Tooth Fairy.

I went to bed around midnight with a million things on my mind.  None of which was to put money under Reece’s pillow.  My last decision of the night was should I turn the TV off or not?

So profound.

Forgetting to be a tooth fairy isn’t the worse thing in the world.  I imagine it happens to most of us at least once.  I’m not going to beat myself up over that.  But what I am not happy about is the fact that I was only thinking about myself.

Tatum waking up would cause me to go to bed later and probably not wake up early.  I can’t miss the end of Rocky II even though I have seen it a hundred times.  How were we going to find the funds to get to San Diego for Spring break?  Did I know that local girl that is missing?

All of these thoughts had something to do with me.  Very selfish.  Very pathetic.  All I had to do was think of Reece and I would have remembered the tooth.

So that’s what I take away from this mishap.  Don’t forget to think of others.  Especially your children.  Maybe there are other times that I have not considered them first.  If so then let this be a wakeup call.  Children and their feelings are so much more important than most of what you have going on in your head.

Always consider your children and their thoughts and feeling first.

Have a great day.

Let’s Empower our Children

-Keith Laskey

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