I’m a fraud

Hello, my name is keith laskey and I am a writer. Of course I know that is bullshit. The goal is to keep you from realizing that. As long as you don’t figure it out I should be ok. If you do figure it out though, please don’t let me know. Just stop reading and go on your way. Because I intend to write for the rest of my life.

Technically I’m an insurance agent. Not exactly my dream job. But it pays the bills yada yada yada…

Golden handcuffs. They are what people wear who have secure, average to well paying jobs. These people aren’t necessarily on love with what they do. In fact they usually are looking for anything else that makes them happy.

Can you see mine?

They are there in full display.

So that is why I have decided to create this site. A place for me to pursue my dreams. My passions. Hell, if nothing else it’s a place to be able to write. And I’m truly grateful for the opportunity.

For the longest time I was not sure what to write about. I’m still it sure! But I have been given advice from so many people. The advice? Just write! Just write.

Just write.

So that is what I’ll do. I’ll just write. I’ll follow my thoughts. Even though they change from day to day. I’ll just follow them and hope they take me somewhere.

Today I am interested I pursuing my quest of visiting every state in the union. All 50 of them. Not just an airplane visit or a quick stop. In order for a state to qualify I must have a significant experience. Something worth writing about so to speak.

The deadline is 5 years. Well five years and three months. I have until the end of 2019. IMG_2635.JPG

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