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Clarissa, my wife, is away this weekend.  She went to Ft. Lauderdale with my cousin.  My cousin lived in Arizona last year which was her first year after college.  Her company moved her to Arizona.  How lucky is that!  After her first year she was sent to Hoboken.  Not as lucky.  But at least she is close to New York.

So after a year in Arizona my cousin was in need of a trip away from this God awful Winter.  And Clarissa doesn’t like when the temperature drops below 80.  So she was absolutely in.

The thing that pisses me off is that these two find themselves in Florida during Spring Training.  They aren’t necessarily close to any of the games but still.  There is no better place to be in March than Florida.  To say I’m super jealous in a massive understatement.

Have fun.  Jerks.

A Dad’s Biggest Pet Peeve


dads dont babysit


Are you a Dad?  Have you heard this before, “Oh your wife has plans tonight, are you babysitting?”  Or even better, “Oh you are Mr. Mom this weekend?”

No Asshole!  I’m Mr. Dad this weekend.

Dad’s don’t babysit, they parent.  Not that I have any issues with babysitters.  The world needs more good babysitters.  Clarissa and I REALLY need a good babysitter.  Hence why we rarely get a chance to go out by ourselves.

What do these people think we do, sit and watch movies all day and Paw Patrol all night?  OK, so we are probably going to watch a ton of movies and shows.  But there will be plenty of other activities as well.  Board games in the living room, soccer and basketball in the basement, hide and seek under the covers with her stuffed animals, all kinds of fun activities.

Time at home with the kids without Mom around means time to for Dad and the kids to bond.  For this reason alone, I never mind when Clarissa goes away.  I’m grateful for these opportunities.

Reece, my 10 year old stepson has a few baseball practices this weekend.  After his Saturday practice he will be spending the rest of the weekend with his father.

That leaves me with my 4 year old, Tatum.  Here’s what Tatum and I have planned for the weekend.  Saturday we are going to a My Little Pony tea party.  It makes me feel weird just writing those words.  And on Sunday I am taking her to see Mary Poppins at a local Catholic High School.

Sure, I would prefer if she and I watched 20 hours of College Basketball this weekend.  But she is so excited.  Not even the Dolphins in the Super Bowl could keep me from going to these events with her.

Proud to be a Dad!

So, no, I don’t like being called Mr. Mom.  I have never once babysat and I’m not going to start with my own kids.  Maybe that is the way things used to be but this is a new generation of Dads.  We take the role of being a father very seriously.

I’m proud to be in that group.  If you are a dad and also feel this way than you should know there is a huge group of guys just like you.  Reach out to us at the link below or click here.

Have a great day.


My name is Keith Laskey. I actually believe children are our future. I write articles about how we can empower our youth so that the world will be a better place for all of us.

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