Lose 20 Pounds



You WILL lose 20 pounds or more with the ideas from this page.

1. Kettlebell

A 35-pound Kettlebell is the only tool that I used when I lost 20 pounds. The kettlebell swing is perhaps the best total body exercise that is out there. In fact, Tim Ferriss suggests in #4HB that the only exercise you need to do is 75 kb swings 3 times per week. This plan along with his slow carb diet will cause you to lose a significant amount of weight.

When choosing a bell, make sure you get one that you can grow into. Meaning it should be a little heavy at first. Don’t go too light or you will just have to buy another one soon. I recommend learning the correct way to swing a kettlebell from an expert. Kettlebell is gaining in popularity so there may be an expert in your town. If not, a YouTube search should help.


Have you tried kettlebell?


2.  Water

Drink a ton of water. Aim for a gallon every day. Drink before meals, with meals, after meals.  Start the day with a pint glass of water. This is as important as anything when you are looking to lose weight.  Water will help you remain full and will also help you remove waste from your body.  Also, a cold glass of water actually helps boost you metabolism!


How much water can you drink everyday?


3. Swimming

Swimming is one of the ultimate exercises. It combines cardio and strength training all on one.  And it’s much more fun than running!! For those of us in the northeast we may need to join a gym to take advantage of this one due to the fact that is too cold to swim outdoors for half of the year.


Is there a gym near you that has a pool? 

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