11 Ways to Live a More Fulfilling Life

This post was created with my two young kids in mind.  Reece is 12 and Tatum is 6.  I hope they can learn each of these 11 habits and do them daily. I only wish I learned them when I was their age.   Paul Heaberlin via … [Continue reading]

Corey Kluber will Pitch for Postseason Win #5

Corey Kluber will look to become only the 3rd pitcher in MLB history to win 5 games in a single Postseason.  Several have won 4 games with the most recent pitchers being Madison Bumgarner in 2014, John Lester and Michael Wacha in 2013 and Chris … [Continue reading]

Scenarios and The Reverse Time Machine

CityGypsy11 via Compfight   I first heard about the idea of a reverse time machine in a conversation with James Altucher and Kevin Kelly.  It was on Altucher's podcast. Kevin Kelly is a co-founder of Wired Magazine. He recently wrote a … [Continue reading]

A Dietitian’s Guide to Having Fun at a Summer Party and Not Gaining Weight

wesbl via Compfight   I met with my dietitian, Adrianne, this morning.  A little known fact about many health insurance plans is that you can meet with a dietitian for free up to 6 times a year.  I have Keystone Health Plan East.  Check … [Continue reading]

Why do longtime friendships get stronger despite their being no contact?

This is a post from the series, Thoughts of a man with a view. You really can't get stay the same. This is particularly true with your physical appearance.  You are either making yourself stronger, more trim and physically fit or you are making … [Continue reading]