The Odds of You Being Here are Ridiculously-Slim to None

I was just talking with a friend about her ancestry.  Sounds like a great great great great……grandfather was wounded at the Battle of Antietam.   I’m not a Civil War buff so I have never heard of that battle.  After researching I found out that it was the bloodiest single day of the Civil War.  Who knew??


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The battle occurred on Sept. 17, 1862, about nine months prior to the Battle of Gettysburg.  The Battle of  Gettysburg ended Robert E. Lee and the South’s chances of winning the war. But it came with many lives lost and blood shed for both the North and the South.


My friend told me that according to family legend, her ancestor was not able to fight in Gettysburg due to his injury.  His chances of survival at Gettysburg would have absolutely been slim to none.  Which would mean , of course, that she would not have been here.


Think about all that needed to happen for you just to make it through your mother’s womb.  Your parents would have had to have met.  The exact sperm had to connect with the egg (gross), the pregnancy would have had to run without any major problems.  But even before that, your grandparents on both sides would have had to have reproduced, just as their parents and so forth and so on.

Quite frankly its absolutely miraculous all that has had to happen just so you could be on this planet!


And now here you are. WIth a blank canvas staring at you.  A clean slate ready to be made into something spectacular.  A legacy waiting to be completed and solidified.


What are you doing about it??

What the hell are you doing to make yourself the best person you can be?  To create the life that you want to be remembered for?


I’m not doing shit about it.  I stare out the window of my office dreaming of things I want.  Unable to figure out a way, a road, that will get me there.  The vessel, me, is stuck in park.  The gears aren’t even grinding.  I’m just sitting there.  Hands on my side completely unsure how to turn the key to get some life into this beast!!




My head is on a swivel looking for someone to throw me a bone.  An idea, a map, a clue.  Something to help me figure out how to realize my dreams.


You Need a Destination

We need a goal.  An end point.  Or at least a milestone marker that is way off in the distance.  Barely visible but extremely reachable.  It’s like the 150 yard marker on a long par 5.  You can see it way in the distance.  You’ll need two, maybe three solid shots to get past it.  But you’ll get past it as long as you take those shots.  You’ve got to take the shots.

But much more importantly, you’ve got to have that marker.  You need a clearly defined destination.


You Need Desire

I once told a story of a man struggling to get to his dreams.  He could see them in the distance.  Between him and his perfect world stood a hundred of the strongest men you have ever seen.  Each time he would charge through the pack he would be sent back, battered and beaten.  Eventually his attempts to reach his dreams were half-hearted as he was full of despair.

But then one day he looked up and found something that he had never seen before.  The answer to all his problems.  He reached up, grabbed the final missing piece and walked through the strong men as if they were not even there.  With each step he would take he would get closer and closer to his dreams until one day, finally, he was sitting among the clouds.  Surrounded by everything he had ever wanted and hoped for.

As he sat and looked back to where he was he came to two realizations. It was desire that set him free.  His desire to be successful beyond his wildest dreams was what made everything possible.  Before he had desire he had no chance of getting through the wall in front of him.  He also for the first time saw that the wall of strong men was not even there.  It never was.  The one hundred strong men was a figment of his imagination.  A self-imposed force that kept him from all that he wanted.

Without desire you have nothing.  With desire you can have everything.


What walls are you putting in between you and your dreams?  Do you have a clearly defined destination?

Do you have the desire to get there?

Once you have it, never let it go.  Desire is the key.


-Keith Laskey


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