What’s the Most Important Word?

I was in a Continuing Ed class a few weeks ago.  A four-hour class.  The class was titled, “Conflict, Conduct and Issues For Today’s Agents.”  Exhilarating.

This Guys is Definitely Considering Positioning.

This Guys is Definitely Considering Positioning.

We spent the first two-hours discussing workers compensation claims.  My first job in the insurance field was a workers compensation claim rep.  I worked in the Investigative Unit.  Basically, people (workers) would report injuries they felt were related to their job.  It was my job to determine whether or not they were work related or not.  FYI-carpal tunnel syndrome will be denied 9 times out of ten.

Despite my history in the Workers Comp field the class was still ridiculously boring.  After a break we came back and the discussion moved to a different topic-customer service.  I LOVE the service industry.  I love working in the service industry, I love complaining about people that work in the service industry but above all I love being a witness to great service.  Hey, I interned at Disney World!!  What can I say.  I know good customer service when I see it and I appreciate it beyond belief.

But what really stole the show for me at this class was one word.  One single word that has the power to change your life.  The moderator asked, “What is the most important word you can think of?”  Someone said Wisdom.  Wisdom is a solid answer but even wisdom is not as important as the correct answer.




Chills ran throughout my body as he said it.  Positioning.  I have been saying things along these lines for years, mostly about money.  “Why don’t we have more money?  Because I spent foolishly in my twenties.”  Positioning.  “Why am I working part time as a bartender and not home with my family?”  See above answer about my foolish spending.

I had been thinking about the idea of positioning for years to some degree.  The moderator of the class suggested something, though, that I had never thought of.  Consider positioning in every single decision you make.


 Can I have another drink or does that put me in a position for a DUI?

Will answering this text put me in position to cause an accident?

If Clarissa is away and I’m at the doctor’s office with Tatum, have I put myself in position to ask the Ten Thousand questions that she would have wanted me to ask? (Yes we had this discussion at 2 AM this morning)

If some jerk cuts me off and I start to tailgate him and he gets out of the car and he’s a foot taller than me and looks like Gaston, have I put myself in a good position? (I no longer tailgate people because there’s a good chance the person in front of me is crazier than I am)

You can go on for hours coming up with these questions.  The concept of considering positioning hasn’t changed my life yet.  But only because I haven’t allowed it to.  There is NO doubt in my mind that the quality of my life will only get better once decisions start to be based in large part to the position I am putting myself in.


What decisions have you made that put you in an awful position?  How about a good position?


keep smiling

-Keith Laskey-


When being tailgated, start to drive real slow.  Like drop down to 5 mph.  It will make the jerk behind you insane with anger.  All of the sudden the tides are turned and you are enjoying the ride once again.


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