Whats Trending? 2/10/15

Here’s a look at what’s trending in the United States today.


A hashtag promoted by Truth.  I saw these commercials first during the Grammy’s. Good campaign about people looking at the profile of others on a dating site.  If the would-be matches are holding cigarettes than they get swiped to the left indicating a No match.  I like it.



OK.  Odd but let’s give it a try.  “Goat Fiction”.  How about “It’s A Wonderful Goat”.  Silly hashtag but fun if you are creative.  I do have a picture of a goat, I’ll try and do a canva image.



This hashtag is still trending in the US.  My advice for young journalist would be to stand up for what you believe in.  Don’t make the show/interview all about you but, when you can, stand up for what is right.


Beverly Scott

Bev Scott is a GM for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MTBA).  She is catching heat for the job she is doing.  Looks like some commuters have been stuck for more than two hours due to a power failure.  It looks like Mother Nature is the one to blame here.  Having said that, Scott may be on her way out.


The Blacker the Berry

The Blacker the Berry is still trending. It’s a single released by Kendrick Lamar that takes on the recent issues involving the relationship between police and young black men and women.  Kendrick sounds passed off and I can’t say that I blame him for his anger.  Kendrick took home a Grammy on Sunday for a song called, “i”.



There is much attention on the net asking Marvel to cast Donald Glover Jr. as the next Spiderman. Glover is an American, actor, commedia, writer, rapper, and producer. No clue if it will happen but people want it. That is for sure.



More Four is a hashtag about a new Insurgent trailer.  I have no idea what Insurgent is but it apparently has beautiful men and women that people want to to see more of.  I really have no idea why this is trending.


Here is a link to the video.  Seriously questioning if this is a good idea or  not.




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