Who Killed David Molak? Thoughts on how we can stop Cyberbullying

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Bob Dylan wrote a song called, “Who Killed Davey Moore”.  It’s about a true story of a boxer, Davey Moore, who died shortly after a fight with Sugar Ramos.  Dylan writes from the perspective of everyone involved in Moore’s death, the manager, the referee, the audience, the sports writer, the gambler, and of course, the other boxer.

None of them accept the blame.  Not even the man who’s hands ended Moore’s life….

Who killed Davey Moore?
Why an’ what’s the reason for?

“Not me”, says the man whose fists
Laid him low in a cloud of mist
Who came here from Cuba’s door
Where boxing ain’t allowed no more
“I hit him, I hit him, yes, it’s true
But that’s what I am paid to do
Don’t say ‘murder,’ don’t say ‘kill’
It was destiny, it was God’s will

Who killed Davey Moore?
Why an’ what’s the reason for?”


So, who killed Davey Moore?  Was it the manager who let him go on without throwing the towel in? The writer looking for the story? The audience or the gambler?  Should the referee have stopped the fight?

They all killed Davey Moore.  All of their hands have blood on them.

On January 4th, 2016, 16 year old David Molak was found dead in his backyard.  A victim of cyberbullying.  He chose to end his life by hanging himself.  Cyberbullying caused this High School sophomore to end his life by hanging himself.

Take a second to ponder those last few minutes of his life.  The last few days, weeks, months.  Imagine coming to the decision to hang yourself.  A healthy individual with no mental illnesses.  A young man who’s own peers tore him down, stripped him from everything and didn’t let up.



Cyberbullying, would you do it? kid-josh via Compfight



Who killed David Molak?

Let’s start with the obvious.  Was it the cyberbullies?

The cowards who sit behind their computers and iPhones?  They find enjoyment on tearing others down.  They look for easy targets like a predator hunts it prey.  They are scum, perhaps some of the lowest forms that we have seen.  They are the complete opposite of goodness.  Their actions are evil.

I stop short of calling them evil only because I believe they may be misguided and unaware of the severity what they are doing.  But they are weak.  And their weakness is causing them to be evil.


What about David Molak’s family and friends?

Could they have stopped it?  Probably not.  From the articles I have read about this story, it looks like they did a lot to help David.

This post is not about criticizing or second guessing the family and friends of David Molak.  It’s about getting us to think about what are we going to do when we are in this situation.  Because it’s coming.

How can you keep your hand on the pulse of your kids to make sure this is not happening to them?  And, just as important, how can you make sure your kid isn’t one of the cowards that sits behind a keyboard or cell phone and viciously attacks other children?  There’s a pretty good chance one of you that is reading this post has a son or daughter that is in some way cyberbullying another student.


What about David Molak’s school?

How much responsibility does the school have?  Are there classes that focus on human relationships?  Are therE classes that focus on social media and communications in the 21st Century?  Or are the schools and the parents leaving it all up to the kids?

Are we handing our kids cell phones and assuming they will use it properly?  I know, it’s a joke right?  It’s a cell phone. How much trouble can a kid get in with a phone?

As it turns out, a lot.  My stepson is 11 and he has already been involved with cell phone drama.  There is no age limit.  If your kid has a cell phone, iTouch, iPad or any other device where they can communicate with their “friends” then they are at risk for being bullied as well as at risk for getting caught up in bullying.

Do the schools have responsibility?  We rely on schools to teach our kids writing and math, health and sex-ed.  How can we not expect the schools to focus on something that is as widespread as on-line communicating?  Schools should be focusing on this early and often.


What about David Molak?

I’m certainly not going to blame the victim.  As parents, we need to find a way to communicate with our children.  We need to instill in them a sense of self that is strong enough to overcome these bullies.  We have to find a way to make them understand that they can come to us.  If they have siblings, go to them.  Have an Uncle or Aunt?  A grandparent?  God?  Our kids must know that no matter what, they are never alone and they are always loved.


What about you?

You most likely didn’t know David Molak.  But you undoubtedly know many kids, young and old.  You have friends that have children.  You have nieces and nephews.  You may even have grandkids.  They are all at risk.  It really doesn’t matter how serious you take this problem.  They are still all at risk.

So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to rely on the schools? Are you going to rely on the parents of other kids?  Are you going to rely on your kid’s friends?  Or are you going to step up and say absolutely NOT!

Don’t let this happen to someone you love.


Let’s teach.  Let’s be aware.  Let’s love.  Let’s encourage.  Let’s lead by example.  Let’s end cyberbullying.


Be a hero to someone.  Start today.



My name is Keith Laskey. I actually believe children are our future. I write articles about how we can empower our youth so that the world will be a better place for all of us.


For more info on how you can stop cyberbullying, check out the website, stopbullying.gov.







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