Why do longtime friendships get stronger despite their being no contact?

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You really can’t get stay the same. This is particularly true with your physical appearance.  You are either making yourself stronger, more trim and physically fit or you are making yourself weaker, more fat and less physically fit.  There is no way around it.

If your goal is to be stronger, more trim and more physically fit than you can start at anytime.  It’s never too late.  But this time, try to stick with your positive growth habits.

The only thing this does not apply to is friendship.  With close personal relationships you need to constantly be working to improve.  But longtime friendships can go days, months, or weeks, even years without contact or an intentional act to improve the relationship.  We all have one or several of those relationships were if you see someone after a couple of years nothing has changed.  It’s like we were just with them yesterday.

Sometimes you actually feel closer despite the no contact! So, I guess in those cases, the theory actually does apply.

Maybe nothing really does stay the same…





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